the gap
live video-essay, 20 min.

two projectors
three screens
one video, one livestream
live voice-over

watch a fragment

shown in de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, 2018
and groupshow 'It happens anyway', W139, Amsterdam, 2018

Live video essay about the materiality of the comma, interpreted through several visual and textual narratives. The different storylines are edited live and are visible on three projection planes that overlap each other spatially. The footage partially was recorded/ animated in advance, and partially is generated through a camera above my table. Here, I shuffle several image carriers like an iPad, telephone, books and a stack of printed images, that I treat as a deck of cards. The images are being laid out in different orders, each time spurring and crumbling down different narratives.

The visual narratives are interwoven with essayistic pieces of spoken text, that merge fact and fiction, anecdote, etymology, historic narratives, and speculation. The performance weaves a web of stories, in which the comma chameleonizes continuously.